About NNTC


NNTC is a UAE-based IT solution provider and software developer. We are serving some of the largest government entities in the UAE and have earned a reputation of a trusted solution provider and innovative technology expert.


Our team actively cooperates with international partners to implement projects and innovations around the globe. Using our professional experience and strategic partners’ best practices, we leverage a wide range of technologies and innovative products. NNTC solutions are highly demanded in METNA and Asia Pacific regions because of their usability, safety, and efficiency.

With our agile mindset and focus on each customer, we can easily customize most of our products in line with a specific task or certain conditions. NNTC solutions are reliable, versatile, and made by people for people.

Our customer pool includes oil & gas, logistics, and state-owned companies, banks, hotels, retailers, security firms, and many other organizations from a variety of industries.

Our training programs are focused on disruptive innovations and approaches, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Agile & Scrum, Design Thinking, Startup Accelerator, and Product & Customer Development.

Our focus

We focus on innovations and digital transformation projects. Our main assets are expertise, reference projects and best-of-breed technologies in the highly demanded areas such as Face Recognition and Video Analytics, VR and AR, AI & Robotics, Internet of Things, Drones and Building Information Modeling.

We are serving some of the largest government entities in the UAE and have earned a reputation of a trusted solution provider and innovative technology expert.


We have strategic alliances with two international system integrators: CROC (est. 1992), top-3 system integrator, top-5 IT company and top-10 consulting business in Russia with more than 2,000 employees, and NGN, a regional group operating in MENA with expertise in complex IT infrastructure and engineering systems, listed as one of the "Top Performing IT Companies in Turkey".



Do you like technology as much as us and dream to implement innovative solutions in GCC and all around the World? Join our team!



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