We have developed a custom app which automates workers clock in and out at a construction site and thus eliminates the risk of cheating, which may cause customer’s financial and time losses. Based on face recognition technology, our app is becoming an irreplaceable foreman assistant.

The iFalcon Foreman app is designed as a multi-purpose tool for facility management, construction and maintenance companies.

Construction sites are always filled with construction and maintenance workers doing shifts paid on an hourly basis. Each company has such a manual process: workers clock in, while a foreman examines, identifies, and checks each worker against a hard-copy list to make sure that everyone is present. However, if there are over a hundred workers, this procedure turns into a time-sapping burden, not to mention the foreman’s pain when dealing with 500+ ever-moving workers.

The above causes three major problems:

  • Wasting too much time on check-in and out
  • Challenging calculation of per-hour wages, including overtime, with frequent errors leading to financial losses.
  • Cheating by subcontractor that provides 489 workers, instead of 500 agreed, with there being no way to prove the fraud.

Our customers tried a variety of biometric solutions. Fingerprints scanning consumes time – about 20 to 30 seconds per person – and pretty much any cut or scar, which many workers have, affect the fingerprint pattern, while good old pass cards are ineffective, as workers always lose them or cover up for a friend.

Therefore, we developed an iFalcon-based product and applied face recognition technology to count workers.

What are the system components?

Central server
Employee profiles with photos are uploaded and stored here, so when an employee arrives at the shift, the system automatically recognizes the person by checking the face against its database. The central server also keeps work time reports. The system can group employees by shift, assignment, or other parameters. You can set a shift time limit (for example, 8 hours) for each work category to track overtime.

Mobile app
Foremen uses our app to scan workers’ faces before the shift. The system can scan a handful of people at once and automatically clock them in. We estimate that the face recognition capacity contributes to five-times faster employee clock in, as well as clock out. A foreman or project manager has access to a list of people who have clocked in and are currently on site.

The system records employee data, clock in time and location (GPS coordinates). When an employee leaves the construction site, the same data is recorded and included in a work time report, where all data is accumulated for the system to calculate overtime.

The system stores data on all finished shifts, so you can get a detailed report on any required period to your personal account and, if necessary, print it out in Excel format.