OIL SPILLS cause huge reputational and financial losses to oil producers, can badly damage the equipment of desalination plants thus endangering water supplies, are expensive to clean up and always disastrous for the environment. The later the oil spill is detected, the higher are the amounts spilled. Fast detection of oil spills directly affects their cost and helps deliver a cost-effective response.

Join us for “To track an oil spill, think like an oil spill,” and learn how polarization technology helps rapidly recognize and identify oil spills with outstanding accuracy, including:

  • identifying both crude and refined oils (including diesel and kerosene)
  • day and night capabilities
  • detection in waves and calm water
  • how to operate the system mounted on a shore, vessel, or a flying drone
  • live demo of the oil spill detection

Date: September 30, 2020 | 11:00 am GMT+4
Duration: 1 hour