On February 1-7, Abu Dhabi hosted a series of innovation-focused events. During the Innovation Week by Abu Dhabi Municipality and a 2-day intensive MOI Innovation Summit, NNTC booth visitors saw what drone-carried cameras, smart glasses, chest-mounted mini cameras, and common outdoor cameras could do when powered by video analytics, as well as experienced extended reality with a hologram table and highly-detailed 3D models.

During all the events, the key exhibit turned to be an NNTC’s proprietary mobile face recognition solution comprising smart glasses, face recognition engine, database, and a single user-friendly interface. The operator wears smart glasses, with passer-by face recognition process being visualized on the lenses. In case of a match, the lens displays a notification with two photos:  an image just captured and a portrait from a database. A user can just swipe temples to switch between screens. The database itself resides in a belt-mounted light white box with a rechargeable battery. The box has a leather case with a shoulder belt. This solution makes it possible to identify people from a database easily and very quickly, thus becoming a must-have for law enforcement and security teams.

“During 2 days of MOI Innovation Summit, the Smart Glasses achieved impressing figures with operation in general “standalone” scenario when only glasses and a box are used. The solution is fully autonomous. Connection between the glasses and the box goes through encrypted wireless signal. We take the video captured by glasses, analyze it using a neural network in our box, and display findings on lenses,” – comments Alexander Belyaev, NNTC Technical Director.
The visitors of Abu Dhabi Innovation Week enjoyed an interactive highly-detailed 3D model demonstrated on a Nettlebox hologram table.

“We can understand people who are lining up to try hologram table: we show presentations and videos a lot, but nothing compares to real experience when you walk around the hologram table and see 3D building rotating with you. We were honored to present the NNTC solution to general management delegation from the Municipality,” –said Sanad Shaheen, NNTC Sales Manager

NNTC thanks Abu Dhabi Innovation Week and MOI Innovation Summit organizers for a great opportunity to demonstrate high-tech solutions to a broad audience and contribute to Innovation development initiative in the UAE.