The State Hermitage (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is a world second-largest museum with the collection of more than 3 mln works of art. NNTC’s strategic partner CROC has created a digital copy of its magnificent Jupiter Hall. VR-technologies enable to remotely present the richest collection of Ancient Art in the Hermitage’s Center in the Russian city of Vladivostok. This state-of-the-art project has won Global CIO 2017 “Project of the year” award outperforming more than 200 participants.

 To make digital copies of 46 art objects of the Jupiter Hall, CROC’s team used photogrammetry and data visualization technologies, as well as its own algorithms to optimize the obtained data. 3D exhibits are stored in the memory of a high-performance workstation. Visitors of the Vladivostok branch’s may use VR-glasses to see the masterpieces and interiors of the State Hermitage’s Jupiter Hall and a joystick to explore any piece of art in great detail and get information on its author, art style, and history.

 State Hermitage’s Deputy Director says that due to these technologies visitors of the museum’s branch will enjoy the feeling of the real Hermitage visit. “Together with CROC, we have implemented an unparalleled VR-project to demonstrate our sculptures, scenery, and interiors,” – comments Alexey Bogdanov.

 By making precise copies of both the whole interiors and separate exhibits, museums will be able to extend their reach making virtual demonstrations of various exhibits in their branches and at different events. In the nearest future, art-lovers will get an access to virtual museums and will be able to visit any exhibition from their homes.