CROC, a Russian IT-company and one of NNTC’s key partners, recently finished a project involving the introduction of an intelligent surveillance and face recognition system for the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk international airport, serving more than 1 million passengers a year. The system aims to identify emergencies, prevent terror attacks, and facilitate crime investigation. Cameras installed at the facility track passenger traffic, detect faces and automatically search wanted lists, with the responsible authorities immediately being notified if a match is found. The integrated solution, which analyzes more than three million people annually, with an accuracy of around 98% (up to 15% higher than comparable systems), fully complies with Russian law and transport security regulations.

In addition to a surveillance tool, the project also provides an integrated environment that connects geographically distributed sites (airport and policy offices) to ensure security. The Director of Sakhalin Regional Agency for IT and Communications, Sergey Popov, stresses the solution’s uniqueness: “The project is the first of its kind because Sakhalin is an island with well-known arrival and departure points. It enables citizens to feel safer, despite current global instability”.

As the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport surveillance system proved to be highly efficient, a similar IT-infrastructure was installed in other transport facilities in the region: two airports receiving a total of around 50,000 passengers a year, a sea commercial port with an annual cargo turnover of more than 1.55 million tons, and the main railway station of the region.

Smart city solutions for real-time monitoring and management of public spaces constitute an integral part of CROC’s operations. Use cases also include a transport management system in Togliatti and Irkutsk, traffic management systems in Samara, smart end-to-end security, anti-terrorist protection, and traffic management systems in the Russian innovation center Skolkovo.

NNTC, along with its strategic partners, would be delighted to share this unique expertise with UAE customers requiring a high level of security and strict safety procedures.

  • Significant incoming and outgoing passenger flow
  • Limitations of traditional CCTV for investigation activities when a large number of people are suspected, wanted or under investigation by law enforcement agencies
  • Frequent ID forgery whereby a suspect passes passport control and buys a ticket using forged papers

Installed at all customs checkpoints, the system now monitors all incoming/outgoing passenger traffic, automatically detects and recognizes faces in real time, and instantly notifies relevant enforcement agencies of any matches with wanted person databases. Furthermore, the unified system segregates matches from different databases so that each security service is notified only of matches with its particular list of wanted persons.