We are happy to announce massive iFalcon Face Control update, which includes new connection options and tracking, National ID/passport recognition and wider functionality for mobile devices.

Version 2.0 includes new features and improvements:

  • Team patrol. The new option allows users to unite in a team, enables users to receive alerts of team members.
  • Live video stream. Real-time capture and video streaming to the command center by using 4G or WiFi
  • 4G connection. Adds an opportunity to connect devices via 4G using static IP
  • GPS tracking. Receiving GPS coordinates from mobile servers and mobile devices and showing them on the map
  • ID/Passport checking. Emirates ID and Passport recognition via companion app for mobile devices
  • IOS Application with alerts, fast person creating, map and live video stream


The previous version of Web UI consists of:

  • User alerts
  • History
  • Person database control
  • Configuration

Version 2.0 UI updates:

  • Real-time control of users and raised alerts from the command center. Adds an opportunity to display users and groups on a map by GPS tracking of mobile servers and mobile devices. Raised alerts display on a scalable map with an ability to view each alert at one point. Clicking on alert displays detailed information of each recognized person. The map filters by groups, alerts, users, and cameras.
  • Face recognition from uploaded multimedia files. Enables users to upload video and photo files to recognize persons from these files. Once the download starts, it shows the progress bar of each processing file. The detections from these files display in Upload Results as a list with an option of filtering.
  • New function to reset all content and settings on a mobile server
  • Cleaning of auto-enrollment persons
  • Extended reports via built-in web UI
  • Cameras configuration. Now it is convenient to manage cameras and to connect them to a user or a team. This option has been achieved through providing cameras list with AR glasses, body-worn cameras, patrol car cameras etc. Stream processing can be initiated from UI now.

The 2.0. Version introduces companion IOS/Android application with the following functions:

  • Real-time control of the team and raised alerts from the mobile device. The team members and raised alerts are displayed on a scalable map with an ability of a detailed view of each alert. The map filters by alerts, users and cameras.
  • Function to add a person to the database from the phone camera
  • ID/Passport checking. Emirates ID and Passport recognition has become available from mobile devices
  • Alerts displaying. Shows recognition alerts to the user and his team
  • Configuration is enabled
  • Displaying the history of received alerts