Zyfra’s mining and oil & gas safety solutions enter the UAE market.

NNTC, an IT solutions provider and software developer in the United Arab Emirates, has signed a partnership agreement to sell Zyfra solutions in the UAE:

Zyfra Industrial IoT Platform. The solution includes a set of software tools for digital transformation based on the Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This IIoT platform helps to increase the productivity of equipment by optimizing technological processes and minimizes the cost of an organization’s infrastructure using an embedded digital system for online monitoring and production processes control.

Zyfra MDCplus. Zyfra MDCplus designed to track equipment, operations, and personnel performance remotely, sending you real-time customizable and downloadable notifications and reports. MDCplus is the ultimate production management upgrade.

Zyfra Production Scheduling. A set of brand-new IT tools aimed at controlling and improving all relevant production procedures and processes – that means better production problem solving and better production management power for your enterprise. Production Scheduling is unique in that it provides a company with various applied solutions, which meet modern business requirements, in a short time and at minimal cost.

NNTC provides its customers with the most convenient and proven products to improve safety at work and achieve the most ambitious business goals. Zyfra solutions will leverage our solution portfolio, which already includes products based on face recognition, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Dmitry Doshaniy, NNTC General Manager

About NNTC

NNTC is a UAE-based IT solution provider and software developer. NNTC delivers innovations and digital transformation projects with the convergence of best-of-breed technologies and consulting services in the highly demanded areas such as video analytics (including face recognition, object recognition and other AI-powered applications), VR and AR, drones, artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Cyber Security. The company serves some of the largest government entities in the UAE and has earned a reputation of a trusted solution provider and innovative technology expert.

About Zyfra

The Zyfra Group improves the efficiency and safety of the mining, oil & gas, chemical and engineering industries. The Zyfra Company develops and implements industrial digital solutions based on ZIIoT platform, provides access to the development environment for platform applications and the robotic industrial transport industry.