“Digital worker” is a mix of IoT and AI technologies targeted to ensure safety and improve personnel performance with a focus on minimizing the number of accidents, preventing fraud and safety violations for industrial enterprises and construction companies.

The platform shows “the big picture” by combining multiple events (3D format included) registered by any systems: video analytics, industrial and wearable IoT, access control, SCADA, and other systems. It processes information from all sources, detects threats, alerts a command center operator and offers response options enforcing facility safety rules. Please have a look at more detailed materials attached.

As a part of the solution, NNTC developed a Smart helmet which controls employee’s location and condition: checks whether worker wears personal protective gear, monitors abnormal behavior (fall, fast moving, long-lasting immobility) and sends alerts to the command center with easy to reach alarm button. The proximity sensor can be optionally embedded in a helmet to inform whether a worker wears a helmet on his head. When max allowed distance from proximity sensor to a head is exceeded, “helmet off” situation is detected, a light-audible alarm is generated, an alert is sent to the system server.