NNTC and UVL Robotics signed a partnership agreement enabling the UAE customers to optimize warehouse inventory with unique drone-based solutions.

NNTC surveyed warehouse owners in the UAE to reveal major customer challenges. The findings are as follows: 63% of companies stop all in-out operations during inventories, 55% have to put pallets down on the floor during inventory to ensure safety, 68% of companies use traditional selective single-deep system, and 100% of 3PL providers complete physical inventory in more than three days. All the above takes time, causes lost profits, and increases costs due to the use of special-purpose equipment.

The solution by UVL Robotics solves all these problems. This is the first ever solution on the market featuring customized drones that can promptly handle inventories without extra time or money investment. It’s offered as a service: the skilled engineers visits your site and gets an inventory done quickly and efficiently within the specified time using their own drone system. The drone scans barcodes and QR codes on pallets. The data is automatically recorded in an Excel spreadsheet or transferred to WMS/ERP.

NNTC and UVL Robotics conducted solution demos for eight large warehouses in the UAE, including a demo for Abu Dhabi Ports. The solution proved to be highly effective and fast: 10,000 pallets can be scanned in one hour.

We are also happy to welcome everyone on November 2-4 at Hypermotion at Dubai Exhibition Centre to meet NNTC and UVL Robotics representatives, ask them anything about the solution, and talk with experts in person.

About UVL Robotics

UVL Robotics is a global provider of cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI for logistics. This is the first organization in the world to offer the full cycle service of inventory counts by smart drones for corporate clients. The company has its HQ in the US, R&D center in the CIS and sales offices in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe.

About NNTC

NNTC is a UAE-based IT solution provider and software developer. NNTC delivers innovation and digital transformation projects by leveraging best-of-breed technologies in highly demanded areas. The company serves some of the largest government entities in the UAE and has earned a reputation of a trusted solution provider and innovative technology expert.