We are looking for a summer interns: NNTC Summer Internship Program will give a good opportunity and skills practise for young technology enthusiasts.

For students, who are looking towards digital transformation, face recognition, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence or drones, and enjoying Star Wars, NNTC is ready to offer the most exciting and challenging internship in the industry. The company provides advanced technology to the largest and most innovative customers in the region, including government agencies and private businesses, and we are willing to share our knowledge and experience with our interns.

Right now, NNTC has four internship vacancies:

  • Marketing Intern
  • R&D Intern
  • Sales Intern
  • Pre-Sales Intern

Interns will get an opportunity to open doors to their future career and make own success in a fun, flexible and inclusive work environment.

Interested? Send your CV to: info@nntc.digital