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November 10 | How AI can help retail earn more and compete with online
Join us on 10 November 15:00 (+4 GMT) for "How AI can help retail industry earn more and compete with online" and learn how AI helps grow retail turnover by 7.2% though queue control, increases sales up to 20% with face rec-based loyalty program, lowers shelf monitoring cost while expanding revenue by 2%, and many more.
Business Transformation, Issue #26 | Business case precedes the selection of mixed reality technologies
Article by Dmitry Doshaniy, NNTC General Manager, was featured in Business Transformation Issue #26.
30 SEPT, 11:00 | To track an oil spill, think like an oil spill
Join us for “To track an oil spill, think like an oil spill,” and learn how polarization technology helps rapidly recognize and identify oil spills with outstanding accuracy
Online event | Quickly respond to security threats with iFalcon Video Analytics
iFalcon VideoNet helps companies with large secured areas to maximize perimeter security with automatic detection, identification, and tracking of unauthorized zones entry, left objects, fire/smoke and many more in one software license with existing CCTV cameras.
Online event | How AI makes industrial enterprises safer and more efficient
Join us on 9 September at 11:00 am +4 GMT for the online event "How AI makes industrial enterprises safer and more efficient" to learn more about Digital Worker platform for industrial safety.
NNTC and CROC to boost industrial safety through new Digital Worker platform release
The strategic partners have also released a new product module that turns ordinary hard hats into smart helmets
NNTC’s iFalcon Foreman application boosts efficiency at Al Nasiya Construction
NNTC, a UAE-based software developer and solutions provider, announced the successful implementation of its iFalcon Foreman solution at Al Nasiya Construction, a leading contracting firm in the UAE.
NNTC & Ajman X Webinar: Future of Workers Management
It is a challenging time we are going through. However, Ajman X and NNTC keep exploring new solutions reducing pain points in the construction industry, developing innovations to improve employee productivity and strengthen your business.
NNTC Partnership with Intel
One of the key focuses of our strategic development in 2020 has been expanding our partnership network. NNTC's partnership with Intel Corporation is built for innovation to thrive and bring safety and security solutions to new technological levels.
Read about NNTC project in Business Transformation issue #22
NNTC's environmental monitoring project for Ajman Municipality, Environment and Public Health department got published in Business Transformation Magazine, Issue 22.