Here are new functions added to iFalcon Foreman app to track work shifts on construction sites and deliver you the best user experience and flexible work planning.

  1. Higher quality and speed of facial recognition. Processing of group staff photos is now five times faster, with the overall speed depending on the number of people in the picture.
  2. Recognition algorithms are now powerful enough to identify people even if they are wearing a mask.
  3. The solution now allows for concurrent use of the mobile app and fixed cameras on the construction site and around its perimeter.
  4. iFalcon Foreman now has a built-in API that transfers attendance report data to the Customer’s systems.
  5. Flexible reporting: you can now track when each employee clocks in and out and get a report on the total time spent on site. In addition, you can add absent employees to the report and keep track of night shifts as well.

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