A hologram table delivers a completely new customer experience as you can demonstrate buildings and any other objects, their interior layouts (floors, room interiors, engines of equipment), as well as surroundings and infrastructure, easily moving from scene to scene as you desire with just a single click.


  • Greater visibility compared to traditional mock-ups
  • Realistic view for people that have no time to go on site
  • Interactive model showing not only general design and exterior, but also floor layouts, apartment and interior design
  • One device with unlimited number of models
  • Good to use at exhibitions, events, and in sale offices


A 65-inch hologram table delivers a realistic view of objects. The patented system of high-speed cameras tracks the position of the user moving around the table and renders the image to give a 3D view of the 3D model from the right angle.

  • Half an hour to set up a table on site
  • iPad, TouchPad or any other controller to navigate around the model, zoom in and switch from scene to scene


1. Hologram models
We can create a 3D model of your product / building / any object and optimize it for a hologram table

2. Animation and infographics
In order to deliver a more impactful experience, we can make the objects animated and empower 3D models with infographics

3. Technical training
We will train your sales reps and technical staff how to set up the table, upload the content, switch between the models and make powerful presentations using a hologram table