iFalcon Control Mobile

The worlds’ first autonomous mobile face recognition with AR smart glasses

iFalcon Control™ Mobile is a world’s first fully autonomous AI-powered face recognition system integrated with a wearable device – AR smart glasses. iFalcon™ Control Mobile is designed for law enforcement officers and security guards on patrol. The bodycam or smart glasses screen the crowd to match faces against a database of violators, missing people or suspects. Once there is a match, the solution retrieves relevant information from the database and instantly sends an alert via AR smart glasses.

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iFalcon Control Mobile brings face recognition capabilities anywhere, even without the network of CCTV cameras covering every inch of the city. It proves particularly effective in:

  • Detects people at public events, sports facilities and in other crowded areas: violators, ‘watchlisted’ individuals and missing people
  • Public surveillance in transportation stations, airports, subway and other transport facilities
  • Monitoring immigrants and identification of violators and imposters at border customs control
  • Verification of identity according to ‘white list’
  • Preventing terrorism, espionage and unauthorized access to sensitive areas

AR alerts

Received in glasses within less than a second


Does not require any data connection


And easy to carry with


Up to 8 hovers on battery

How do we stand out?

iFalcon runs on an algorithm which is in the top three in terms of the recognition quality according to global ratings such as the Face Recognition Vendor Test compiled by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST FRVT) and Labelled Faces in the Wild.

15 faces

Detects up to 15 faces per videoframe in 1s

< 1 sec

Total time for recognition and alerting

< 1 million

Can handle 1 min unique faces in database


No data connectivity is required


The Guardian

“What next? Ubiquity, perhaps. The US firm, Vuzix, has teamed up with a Dubai firm, NNTC, to produce facial recognition smart glasses”


“The good news is that this means it’s going to be relatively circumscribed and specific in its usage: Basically it works best when you know who you’re looking for, and that means suspects or knows offenders, and potentially missing people”

The Verge

“Facial recognition smart glasses could make public surveillance discreet and ubiquitous – a new product from UAE firm NNTC shows where this tech is headed next”


“For better of worse, a US-based maker of smart glasses woll merge its technology with a acial-recognition system in Dubai to help law enforcement in the Middle East catch criminals”


“Groundbreaking tech development”


“The independent Face Recognition Vendor Test conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recorded a True Positive Rating (TPR) of 97.45%, indicating a high percentage of accurate matches, and a False Positive Rating (FPR) of only 0.1% on a test database of over one million faces for NNTC’s face recognition algorithm”

How it works?

  • AR smart glasses or bodycam detect faces with built-in camera and transmit information to a wearable portable computer over wireless channel
  • Portable computer processes face images and compares them with faces from the database
  • Portable computer finds the match in the database
  • Once face match is found, a user is alerted via smart glasses
  • Additional alerts can be sent to mobile devices





Technical Specifications

Mobile Server

  • Battery life - Up to 8 hours without charging
  • Battery - 2 hot swapping batteries
  • Wireless - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • CPU - Intel ® Core ™ i7-8650U
  • RAM - Up to 32 GB DDR4-2400 1.2V SO-DIMM
  • SSD - 256 GB
  • Inputs - 2 USB ports
  • Dimensions - 175*160*60 mm
  • Authentication - Embedded fingerprint scanner

AR Smart Glasses

  • Display - Cobra II full-color DLP
  • Camera - 8 Megapixel, 720p video
  • CPU - Quad Core ARM
  • Battery - LiPo
  • Wireless - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Operation - Touch pad with gesture
  • Alerts - Haptic vibration
  • OS - Android

IOS Application: Command Center at hand

With alerts, fast person creating, map and live video stream – the remote command center is no longer a prerequisite for users to do their job effectively as each group member can now easily access the database and use the necessary functionality to work with it:


  • Real-time control of the team and raised alerts from the mobile device. The team members and raised alerts are displayed on a scalable map with an ability of a detailed view of each alert. The map filters by alerts, users and cameras.
  • 4G connection. Adds an opportunity to connect devices via 4G using static IP
  • GPS tracking. Receiving GPS coordinates from mobile servers and mobile devices and showing them on the map
  • ID/Passport checking. Emirates ID and Passport recognition via companion app for mobile devices
  • License plate recognition. Easily track vehicle movements and identify both stolen and wanted vehicles.
  • Function to add a person to the database from the phone camera
  • Displaying the history of received alerts

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Videos and images

iFalcon Visitor Management with digital reception desk

Smart attendance solution based on video analytics and designed for visitor convenience

Visitor Management powered by video analytics and navigation technologies simplifies and speeds up guest passing procedure, while sparing from queues at reception desk, secures perimeter, and enables contactless and barely noticeable employee time & attendance control.

More effective

No more queues or long waiting for the pass prevents guests from being late to meetings


No more queues or long waiting for the pass prevents guests from being late to meetings


No stress for employees and guests thanks to unobtrusive control


User friendly and automated

The automated guest passing procedure is a time saver for your employees, for they can order a pass using a web-form or a chatbot. There is no longer a need to call reception or stand in line for a guest pass. If a guest pass is about to expire, you can extend it by sending a notification on required time.

Contactless and convenient

For added convenience, during their first visit guests can register in a kiosk, a self-service terminal that verifies guest identity, scans passport (if required) and issues a pass. At the next visit, this person will automatically receive a QR code for access. Built-in video analytics and facial recognition engine identify guests by checking them against the database of registered visitors. Visitor Management powered by video analytics can be integrated directly with access control systems and navigation software, and grant access to specified locations. You can forget about ID cards and guest passes which can be lost or used by unauthorized people.

Interactive location map

The system tracks visitors and displays their location on an interactive 3D-map of the office, controls the length of their stay, notifies when it’s time to leave, and warns if the area is restricted.

Notifications and alerts

The system sends a wide range of notifications depending on the scenario:

  • Guest arrived
  • Pass is expiring
  • Pass expired
  • Guest is about to enter restricted area
  • Guest entered restricted area
  • Guest forgot a card

Your guests are also notified about the pass validity and meeting location.

Automated car passes

Guests arriving by car automatically get access to the parking lot. As the guest car approaches the parking entrance, its plate number is recognized and compared with the car database. At the same time, the driver’s face is recognized, and the system runs a match check between the guest and its car. If the pass is requested in advance, the car will be allowed to the parking lot immediately.


Attendance Control

Create a friendly environment for your employees with invisible and contactless attendance control system based on video analytics and AI.

  • High accuracy of check-in/out
  • Check-in/out (face recognition) in less than a second
  • Unobtrusive control over employee time & attendance
  • Dress code control


The system allows for tracking employee attendance and time. Video analytics records employees’ movements within the premises and detects if a pass card is handed over to another employee to forge attendance.

Secured perimeter

Prevent any malicious use of someone else’s card (stolen or lost) by unauthorized persons. Two-factor verification of the card holder’s face image stored in the database will stop intruders from taking advantage of cards of your employees or guests.

Dress code control

Attendance Control recognizes whether an employee is in compliance with the dress code, if your company’s dress code policy requires employees to wear uniform or protective gear.

Emotional responses

Evaluate the quality of services provided by your organization with Video Analytics add-on module of Emotion Recognition. Video Analytics based on machine vision and AI distinguishes five basic emotions: happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust. The system detects emotion on your customers/guests faces and gives you a deeper understanding of how your clients are satisfied with the customer service and their overall experience of visiting your office.


You can get detailed reports of employee attendance and movement.


What does it consist of?

LEGACY (Video analytics + cards)
First visit registration
Visitor verification; issue and return of passes
Type of pass
Guest pass (Bluetooth optionally)
Face biometry
Access to rooms, buildings and facilities pass
Access control by guest
Face biometry
Tracking visitor location
Bluetooth beacons
Video analytics
Attendance control
ID card + face biometry
Face biometry

iFalcon Face Control Online

It’s possible to connect any of supported Edge devices via Wi-Fi or Mobile Connection (4G/5G). This option is convenient for areas with stable connection (WLAN/Internet), and this mode of connection is recommended for using drone patrols – to cover large areas with Face recognition from the drone.

Solution benefits

Command center with online tracking of all connected devices and raised alerts

Team patrol organize users in the team and share alerts along them

GPS tracking for any device – from mobile server or mobile phone

Receive alerts in any device: Glasses, mobile phone, PC tablet

Connect any camera (body-worn, glasses, patrol car, drone) with 4G/5G


  • Real-time capture and video streaming to command center using 3G/4G and WiFi networks
  • Online control on map
  • Notification via mobile: smartphone, smartwatch
  • Face Recognition during patrol
  • Video streaming from multiple nodes with high volume audiovisual data flow
  • Surveillance in hard-to-reach places

Mobile application

  • Show alerts for user and his team
  • Show team and alerts on the map
  • Control mobile server settings
  • ID checking for recognized persons
  • Video streaming from cameras connected to team members

iFalcon Foreman

iFalcon Foreman – it’s a mobile application that helps to control workers attendance. Irreplaceable foreman assistant for controlling workers attendance in one move.

Presentation (EN) Presentation (AR)



Three major problems on contruction sites

  1. Wasting too much time on check in and out.
  2. Challenging calculation of per-hour wages, including overtime, with frequent errors leading to financial losses.
  3. Cheating by subcontractor that provides 489 workers, instead of 500 agreed, with there being no way to prove the fraud.


The solution

We developed an iFalcon-based product and applied face recognition technology to count workers.

Face recognition for mobile app or CCTV

  • Keep the full track of people onsite
  • Blacklist of unauthorized visitors

Detect starting and ending time of the duty

  • Minimize check-in check-out times from hours to minutes
  • All history and events stored on the server

Control security violations

  • All violation photos stored on the server
  • Application allows to make pictures of events and register them as violations in a separate report

System components

Mobile App

Foremen use our app to scan workers’ faces before the shift. The system can scan a handful of people at once and automatically clock them in. The face recognition capacity contributes to five-times faster employee clock in. A foreman has access to a list of people who are currently on site.

The system records employee data, clock in time and location. When an employee leaves the construction site, the same data is recorded and included in a work time report, where all data is accumulated for the system to calculate overtime.

Saves check-in/check out GPS coordinates.

Mobile Server

Employee profiles with photos are uploaded and stored here, so when an employee arrives at the shift, the system automatically recognizes the person by checking the face against its database.

The central server also keeps work time reports, stores a list of sites and determines on which site the person is checked in – according GPS location.

The system can group employees by shift, assignment, or other parameters. You can set a shift time limit (for example, 8 hours) for each work category to track overtime.


iFalcon Foreman for AlNasiya Construction Company
Customer: AlNasiya Construction Company, Abu-Dhabi
Year: 2020

iFalcon Thermo: access control with temperature monitoring

iFalcon Access Control with Temperature monitoring is designed to control employees’ temperature and stop people with fever.

One sick person at the workplace can lead to halting in the work of an entire company, office or quarantine of hundreds of people. We have developed a compact contactless solution for the timely detection of visitors with fever. It advantageously combines both the thermal scanner functionality and iFalcon face recognition accuracy, saving your colleagues lives.


  • iFALCON face reader with temperature monitoring
    iFalcon Terminal identifies a person’s face, measure its temperature based on neural network and temperature sensor, send a person’s photo to the attendance control platform.
    Attendance control platform has face recognition module, recognition and measurement history, API for ACS integration. The solution integrates easily with any systems, face reader can be mounted on any type of turnstiles or sluice gate. The administrator sees the reports in a convenient format for graphs and tables for the required period.


  • Detects Employees and Visitors with face recognition
  • Recognizes face regardless of skin, age, hair, beard, masks, glasses, hats, etc.
  • Matches faces through the database
  • Stores entrance permissions for different zones


  • Stores everyone's temperature measurement information
  • Saves entrance and exit time
  • Calculates work or visit duration


  • Integration with an access control system
  • Notifications for violations by E-mail, SMS, etc.



Employees attendance management Access to office zones or rooms

Turnstile | Automatic doors | Elevators


Courier identification and temperature control before delivering an order

Confirmation of ability to deliver


Identification and control of passengers while buying a ticket, check-in for a flight or boarding

Metal detector | Turnstile | Registration desk


Guest identification and temperature control during check-in


Presentation (EN)


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Videos and images


iFalcon VideoNet covers all parts of video surveillance to keep the territory security all over the time.

This video analytics solution helps companies with large secured areas to maximize their perimeter security with automatic detection, identification, and tracking of unauthorized zones entry, left objects, fire/smoke and many more in one software license with existing CCTV cameras.


  • Wrong direction & line crossing
  • People counting
  • Face recognition with iFalcon Face Control
  • Social distance


  • Detect vehicles (cars, trucks, trains, etc.)
  • iFalcon ANPR recognition
  • Heat map for movements


  • Left objects detection
  • Incident investigation
  • Fire and smoke detectors
  • Integration with safety sensors


Real-time recognition of targets and events

using network cameras and video analytics algorithms

Classification of targets

(human, group of people, vehicle, fire, lost objects)

Capture the targets

and track them by cameras

Target tracking

on the map

Minimized false positive recognitions of targets

(avoid movements of the environment, animals)


When you buy a video management system, you invest in safety for your people and company

  • Up to 8 hours without charging
  • Scalable for any number of cameras
  • Cenralized
  • Secure acces








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Biometrics facilitates onboarding, helping you get new clients quicker and easier


A biometric validation module for a mobile app helps people benefit from your services without visiting a branch office.

The user undergoes identity verification directly via a mobile device - this accelerates user onboarding, since users do not waste time traveling to the company’s office and waiting in long lines, but spend three minutes only.

Social media user you target can easily convert into your clients. They are now just few minutes away from seeing an ad to downloading the app and onboarding themselves



  • Image recognition engine
  • Machine learning platform
  • Facial biometrics solution
  • 3rd party data integration and automation


  • ID card and passport scanning
  • Biometric identification
  • Full KYC completion


Intuitive and simple to use
digital onboarding of new customers


  • Face angles up to 45 degrees
  • Works great with glasses, beard & moustache, makeup, mimics, age, headwear
  • Lighting conditions
  • Partial face occlusions
  • Various image quality and sources


Instant VIP customer recognition in branches

Instant personal offers to ATM users

Emotion recognition: measuring quality of service

Front desk service: two-factor employee authentication

Call center verification


Mobile self service

Mobile bill payment

Mobile financial services

Mobile service registration

Mobile KYC

Mobile banking



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