Ifalcon control

iFalcon Face Control Online

It’s possible to connect any of supported Edge devices via Wi-Fi or Mobile Connection (4G/5G). This option is convenient for areas with stable connection (WLAN/Internet), and this mode of connection is recommended for using drone patrols – to cover large areas with Face recognition from the drone.

Solution benefits

Command center with online tracking of all connected devices and raised alerts

Team patrol organize users in the team and share alerts along them

GPS tracking for any device – from mobile server or mobile phone

Receive alerts in any device: Glasses, mobile phone, PC tablet

Connect any camera (body-worn, glasses, patrol car, drone) with 4G/5G


  • Real-time capture and video streaming to command center using 3G/4G and WiFi networks
  • Online control on map
  • Notification via mobile: smartphone, smartwatch
  • Face Recognition during patrol
  • Video streaming from multiple nodes with high volume audiovisual data flow
  • Surveillance in hard-to-reach places

Mobile application

  • Show alerts for user and his team
  • Show team and alerts on the map
  • Control mobile server settings
  • ID checking for recognized persons
  • Video streaming from cameras connected to team members

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