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iFalcon Foreman

Mobile video analytics which automates workers attendance and work time reports

iFalcon Foreman – it’s a mobile application that helps to control workers attendance. Irreplaceable foreman assistant for controlling workers attendance in one move.

The most common problems on construction sites

  • Wasting too much time on check in and out (manual clock-in consumes 1-2 working hours daily).
  • Challenging calculation of per-hour wages, including overtime, with frequent errors leading to financial losses.
  • Inability to assure the subcontractor provides concurrent number of workers or prove the fraud (if 489 workers provided, instead of 500 agreed)

The solution

iFalcon Foreman employs face recognition technology to count workers automatically and enable 3-5x faster check-in/out and time & attendance reporting in real-time.


Read a success story of Al Nasiya Construction who received an insight into the overtime hours clocked by its workforce and a comprehensive view of attendance on its multiple sites.




Face recognition for mobile app or CCTV

  • Keep the full track of people onsite
  • Blacklist of unauthorized visitors

Detect starting and ending time of the duty

  • Minimize check-in check-out times from hours to minutes
  • All history and events stored on the server

Control security violations

  • All violation photos stored on the server
  • Application allows to make pictures of events and register them as violations in a separate report
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System components

Mobile App

Foremen use our app to scan workers’ faces before the shift. The system can scan a handful of people at once and automatically clock them in. The face recognition capacity contributes to five-times faster employee clock in. A foreman has access to a list of people who are currently on site.

The system records employee data, clock in time and location. When an employee leaves the construction site, the same data is recorded and included in a work time report, where all data is accumulated for the system to calculate overtime.

Saves check-in/check out GPS coordinates.

Mobile Server

Employee profiles with photos are uploaded and stored here, so when an employee arrives at the shift, the system automatically recognizes the person by checking the face against its database.

The central server also keeps work time reports, stores a list of sites and determines on which site the person is checked in – according GPS location.

The system can group employees by shift, assignment, or other parameters. You can set a shift time limit (for example, 8 hours) for each work category to track overtime.

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