Digital Worker IoT Platform

Digital Worker platform contributes to workplace accident prevention, improves labor productivity and quality, and monitors both moving (staff and machines) and fixed objects on production sites through a combination of IoT, location and video analytics.

Know where your staff is

Identify deviations from standards and unproductive personnel

Increase labor discipline

Automate the processes of work monitoring and compliance with labor protection rules

Minimize disturbances and injuries

Respond quickly to injuries, violations and other incidents

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Digital Worker is basically a set of tools. Each tool can integrate with production systems with ease to start non-stop monitoring of safety rules compliance, ensure control over indoor processes and keep operators updated, thus revealing blind spots and minimizing risks related to human or system errors.

Digital Enterprise

This visual and manageable model gives you actual control over production processes and allows you to navigate across facilities and virtually travel across rooms and floors. You can see projections of employees moving or sitting around the workshop in real-time. Analytical panel builder allows users to create widgets displaying relevant metrics.

If an incident occurs, a corresponding model area flashes red. The operator dives into the room in one click. The incident alert arrives containing: ID, status, priority, coordinates, location, employees involved, and even an incident snapshot automatically taken from the 3D model at the time it occurred.

Digital Worker Video Analytics

Digital Worker’s neural network has been trained to recognize specific events. It triggers an alarm if a person lacks a hard hat, goggles, and gloves at hazardous production facilities, high-visibility vests, respirators, caps, and recognizes 20 PPE types. Moreover, a neural network can respond to custom actions and processes like operating warehouse machinery, drilling rigs, construction operations, etc.

Smart Hard Hat

Smart hard hat receives information from personal protective equipment (PPE) and smart safety devices connected via Bluetooth. The audible alarm warns a worker about impending danger to avoid it safely. The module records impacts/falls and instantly communicates it to an operator. If employees witness an emergency, they can use the alarm button built into a module.

  • LoRaWAN interface: up to 15 km data transfer, 868 MHz license-free frequency band
  • Satellite positioning receiver
  • Built-in accelerometer, compass and barometer
  • Alarm button, LED, and vibrator
  • BLE 5.0 interface
  • UWB interface: indoor positioning accuracy of down to 30 cm
  • Power supply: Li-Pol rechargeable battery; up to several weeks battery life
The Digital Worker tool kit is customizable so that you can focus your effort on a particular task or deal with all safety hazards to implement the Zero Vision strategy.
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Oil and gas


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