About Digital Worker IoT platform

Digital Worker IoT platform for industrial safety aggregates data coming from any video analytics, local positioning, industrial and wearable IoT devices, access control and management systems, SCADA, and other systems.

  • Improves HSE control;
  • Prevents safety protocol violations;
  • Eliminates occupational injuries.
Digital Worker IoT platform features
  • Control over the wearing of personal protective equipment;
  • Detection of personal protective equipment (PPE) hand-over/removal;
  • Alerting employee/operator to entering dangerous area;
  • Detection of people falling, entering danger zones without PPE, entering prohibited zones;
  • Monitoring of physical activity, non-motility, sleeping;
  • Alerting operator of the situation center;
  • Event log.

Digital Worker IoT platform functions

Interactive 3D map shows on which ground/floor an employee is right now and where exactly.

Incident tracking on 3D map

Integration with video analytics

Position tracking and logging

Business rules processor

Devices and software adapters

Web Client application *

* Web Client application includes 3D maps, realtime personnel movements, events registration and alerting, admin web interface

Control over the wearing of PPE

Track whether employees wear their PPE with software-enabled monitoring of live video stream from cameras. Once the system detects a violation, like absence of goggles, it sends an alert describing the violation, its time and place. In line with the IoT paradigm, Bluetooth beacons are attached to personal protective equipment, and any signal damping indicates that a person has forgotten to take a gas mask or hard hat.

Smart helmet

Smart helmet receives information from PPE and smart safety devices connected via Bluetooth, such as:

  • Bodypack biometrics;
  • Smart bands;
  • Mobile maintenance and repair terminals;
  • Portable gas analyzers.

Equipped with optional proximity sensor, the helmet informs whether a worker wears helmet on a head. Once helmet moves away from PPR’s equipped with tiny BLE beacons, light-audible alarm is generated, and alert is sent to the system server.

Smart helmet features
  • Personnel identification;
  • Abnormality monitoring (fall, fast moving, long-lasting immobility);
  • Check whether workers wear personal protective gear;
  • Current 3D position identification;
  • Helmet use (on/off head) monitoring;
  • Alerts;
  • Alarm button.


Prevent machinery damage

Reduce repair costs

Monitor fuel consumption (fuel level sensors, CAN bus)

Alarm at excess of allowable cargo weight


Identify vehicle drivers

Monitor speed limits

Alarm at hazardous proximity to employees and other items

Assess driver's work history

Videos and images

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