MOORiNET system

MOORiNET significantly improves safety level of mooring process for any size of ship, from the small yachts to gigantic oil tankers using the latest AI and machine learning in-house developed algorithms for predicting velocity and position for always-moving vessel.


MOORiNET monitors where and how the ship is moving and approaching to the berth and helps to reduce number of human errors during mooring operations.

  • The sensors detect various weather conditions and transmit the data to the port operator who supervises a mooring operation. Weather sensors measure wind, atmospheric pressure, temperature, visibility and sea water conditions.
  • When a ship approaches, laser rangefinders and surveillance cameras automatically start monitoring the bow and stern using machine vision. The ship is captured from about 300 meters, and the closer the ship gets, the more accurate the data are.


MOORiNET monitors where and how the ship is moving and approaching to the berth and helps to reduce number of human errors during mooring operations.


High level of safety for any mooring processes. Reducing risk of any uncontrolled ship moments, occasion of berth destroying or ship deformation.

Data collection and analyzing of mooring process and loading\unloading cargo on the ship for further analysis of any accidents.

Full monitoring solution from inside and outside of mooring vessel. Provides 360-degree surround view, ship and berth visualization, allows accurate ship berthing with broadcasting video to the pilot mobile device.

Embedded surface scan technology allows increasing an accuracy of speed and angle calculations, control safety of vessel on the berth during cargo operations

Provides lowest TCO (Total cost of ownership) and highest safety in industry for vessel mooring and berth monitoring system.

Thanks to modular approach, MOORiNET is very flexible and scalable solution that connects to almost any existing monitoring subsystems and allows customers to improve safety and speed of any works on the berth.


Large outdoor screen displays information with most important details to support captain and pilot during berthing process, provides real time data and guidance for safe mooring.

The MOORiNET Pilot Unit is a mobile application for the Android OS developed to help pilots in solving navigation tasks. Fully synchronized with MOORiNET system.

All information about a vessel approaching to port berthing facilities is uploading from subsystem with a few measurement tools.

Information about the vessel movements comes from a system of vessel longitudinal displacement analysis, equipped by high-speed laser scanner, which allows preventing unplanned vessel drift along berthing edge.

Machine vision helps to improve effectiveness of CCTV system and provide real-time video stream to operator.

Selfsuffient meteorological system (meteostation).

Augmented reality glasses provide additional source of data projecting all necessary information from MOORiNET system right in front of operator eyes combining real view on vessel and berth and additional control details.

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