iFalcon Foreman for Al Nasiya Construction Company

Construction sites are always filled with maintenance workers doing shifts paid on an hourly basis. Each company has such a manual process: workers clock in, while a foreman examines, identifies, and checks each worker against a hard-copy list to make sure that everyone is present. However, if there are over a hundred workers, this procedure turns into a time-sapping burden, not to mention the foreman’s pain when dealing with 500+ ever-moving workers.

  1. Data collection with inaccurate or technical tools (such as paper checklists or Excel files) creates large queues and affects overall work schedules, making calculation of per-hour wage quite challenging.
  2. Access control cards can be easily lost, plus any worker can use colleague’s card to cheat the system and “cover” missing person. Not to mention possible queues at the site entrance, while each employee search through their pockets for the card.

Foreman uses iFalcon app to scan workers’ faces before the shift. It’s impossible to cheat this solution, because recognition accuracy exceeds 98%. The system can scan a handful of people at once and automatically clock them in. In addition, use of mobile application makes it available on the go. It helps to reduce time for check-in (making the process 5-x faster) and simplify attendance process, gain transparency with subcontractors’ attendance with instant overtime calculation.

AlNasiya has 1000-employee database to check-in and control. Currently, 15 foremen and 3 HR managers use iFalcon Foreman software installed on simple android phones. This solution helps to increase check-in speed and makes teams very punctual. VPN infrastructure helps to provide secure traffic between mobile devices and the server with employee database.

As a result, NNTC’s customer got:

  1. 24/7 online access to shift reports and working overtime
  2. A complete view of subcontractor attendance on sites


  1. Development stage: customization of iFalcon Foreman product, branding and customized report preparation.
  2. Testing stage: customer rolled out the system for 15 foremen and started the trial usage.
  3. Implementation stage: software implementation on customer’s server and final commissioning to work.


  • Customer: AlNasiya Construction Company, Abu-Dhabi
  • Year: 2020
  • Category: iFalcon Foreman

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