NNTC demonstrated cutting-edge solutions for the retail industry at the Smart Stores Expo 2018 held on September 4-6 in Dubai. Attendees could meet NNTC experts, while also getting a look at and feel for video analytics, AI store audit platform for retailers, and advanced Wi-Fi solutions.

At its booth, NNTC demonstrated video analytics solution for retailers that helps get a personalized approach to customer. With two cameras installed in the Expo’s territory, the audience could explore and test how the system tracks emotions of the store visitors and models their experience with the brand by using neural network. The solution recognizes not only customer’s gender and age, but also a total of seven emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, and neutral mood.  Technology allows to monitor the emotional state of customers before and after their visit to the store, learn customer preferences and get rid of poor performing areas within one store or a mall.

The highlight of the booth was a Wi-Fi solution powered by Wi-Fly technology that offers a set of services for retailers: create a branded home page in the online editor in just six minutes, collect extended customer statistics visualized in interactive graphs and diagrams, carry out surveys and promote products using promo pages, collect and export contact information of guests. Visitors could check out this solution on the NNTC stand using their own smartphones.

Also visitors took an interest in a real-time store audit solution delivered on a SaaS basis. The store audit system, powered by Inspector Cloud’s AI technology, recognizes SKUs, processes the received information, and analyzes store efficiency in every detail. Retailers can also upload store photos to the system and create a BI-enabled digital model for further merchandising analysis for creating a better shopping experience.

“Retail industry was one of the first who welcomed digital transformation. Both parties benefit from the retail digitalization: consumers enjoy the most comfortable shopping and personalized lucrative offers, while retailers increase profits and brand loyalty. The development of digital technologies helps offline retailers compete for the buyer with online stores, as digitalization combines innovative solutions and a personalized approach to the client,” – says Dmitry Doshchany, Country General Manager at NNTC.