Who’s a better stocktaker: pilot or autonomous drone?
It’s crucial to consider your business context and conditions when adopting a new technology. When is it worth training AI to send autonomous drones on the preset courses? When is it reasonable to hire a professional to pilot a drone manually?
Hologram table to boost your real estate sales. VR and AR magic, at your service!
Any sales manager knows about the "wow-effect" but few have ever seen how it works. Interactive and animated 3D models can help increase the potential of any building presentation and attract your audience during exhibition or client meetings.
Dispelling myths about inventory drones – warehouse demo matters
Tailoring innovation to customer's specific task or business process has always been a second nature to our team. When cutting-edge technologies are integrated into any business process, many questions arise. Addressing them, we sometimes even dispel myths about some solutions and their functionality during a demo.
Upgrade your FMCG business with these innovative solutions
We studied multiple FMCG market researches along with our trusted partners to bring a special selection of innovative solutions to help you catch up on lost profits and strengthen your position in the market.
New on the market: Drone-based & AI-driven solution to warehouse inventory
We offer a user-friendly solution to streamline warehouse inventory: the first ever product on the market featuring customized drones that can promptly handle inventories without extra time or money investment.