Event analytics at hazardous production facilities: Digital Worker for maximum safety
Creating your own product is very interesting, especially when you realize how useful it is for industrial facilities. Working there is sometimes very dangerous, but people are used to taking risks and, as our customers say, sometimes lose the sense of self-preservation.
iFalcon Face Control Mobile. Advantages of mobile face detection and matching system for law enforcement
The world is changing. Political, economic and even medical situations bring new challenges to police and security forces around the globe. Authorities are turning to emerging technologies to address those issues. Video analytics and facial biometrics are some of the best available response options. How face detection and matching system can help law enforcement officers and security guards on patrol?
Drone sensors: enhanced vision to see underground and spot the invisible
There are a great many sensors one can attach to drones. You can give them a keen magic power to see things and solve business problems faster, and I'm excited to share the most impressive cases with you: oil spill detection and ground penetrating radar (GPR).
Your personal AI for efficient and fast industrial inspection: ATLAS, drone, and desert bush counting
Any industrial inspection solves three main tasks: data collection (photos of objects), analysis (identifying defects and abnormalities), and reporting. Today, Pavel Tatarintsev will talk about ATLAS - image analysis and automatic reporting system that covers the most labor-intensive industrial inspection tasks.
Retail trends and long-term business impact
PwC has conducted its traditional Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey to find out global retail trends. The study results are extremely interesting and relevant to business right now, as they clearly demonstrate the emergence of new patterns and habits that will stay with us forever or at least for a very long time. One such pattern is the obvious division of all shoppers into two cohorts: offline and online.