Developing in partnership in 2020: how to effectively strengthen relations in the World of innovative technologies
Here, we’ll answer the hottest questions about partnerships with technology companies and talk about the NNTC partnership program in simple words. Everything you wanted to know but did not dare to ask.
High-tech enterprise bingo challenge
What are the odds that your enterprise is benefiting from all the innovative technologies? We invite you to complete the Bingo Challenge by NNTC and check how technologically savvy and lucky you are.
Time to become “AI Responsible”
We have recently accepted the idea of omnipresent AI adoption, but new changes and technology reshaping are already on the doorstep. Have you heard of the Responsible AI concept? Let's take a closer look at it, since it will soon become a mandatory tool to build business relationships.
How construction businesses embrace data analysis to survive through uncertainty
Construction companies thrive on financial stability. However, the unpredictable market forces them to review budget strategies and learn how to survive during a long-term period of uncertainty. The good news is that companies can do it by gaining agility and mobility and adapting to changes.
Digital Worker 2.0: occupational safety level up
Our platform for occupational injury prevention has been upgraded in a big way. This comprehensive user-friendly tool kit for safety control now offers a number of new valuable features. Alexander Belyaev, NNTC Technical Director, will detail how Digital Worker can level up any production workshop.