New on the market: Drone-based & AI-driven solution to warehouse inventory
We offer a user-friendly solution to streamline warehouse inventory: the first ever product on the market featuring customized drones that can promptly handle inventories without extra time or money investment.
Keep an eye on everything: plant technological video surveillance
Today we share a story by Ivan Voloshin, an engineer at CROC (our strategic partner), about how to deploy technological video surveillance at hazardous sites.
VR trainings has proven to boost both learning speed and safety of production facility employees
VR trainings help learn how a certain employee will respond and act in an extraordinary situation. It is a must when it is hard or impossible to simulate an emergency in real life.
35% of valuable corporate information is leaked through photos and screenshots. How to catch the insider?
Did you know that 9% of employees would like to sell your company's confidential data? Good news are: you can identify the leaker.
What aspiring IT professional should know to boost career and evade RGEs or burnouts
We interviewed Pavel Tatarintzev, Head of Business Development at NNTC, to get straight answers to some questions important to any aspiring IT professional. What mistakes will make you fail your first sales? How to be on fire and not burn out? Why is it important to feel the difference between "pressure" and "inspiration"? Answers to these questions and more about market trends, customer communication, and knowledge sources are in our today's interview.