“It’s alive!” Merging IT with manufacturing to give birth to the digital factory
Do you remember the notorious Frankenstein's monster? Intelligent digitalization works like the lightning discharge that raised Frankenstein's creature from the dead and started quite a thrilling story. You would even find yourself throwing hands up in the air and screaming "It’s alive!", if you transformed an entire enterprise in an insightful way into a single information environment with correct data collection.
IT Woman Character Study: highlights of the joint survey by CROC and Women in Tech movement
This autumn, Women in Tech Global Movement and IT company CROC (NNTC strategic partner) presented the results of their survey focused on Wonder Women, i.e. women working in the technology industry.
Market expert view on the best VR headsets for manufacturing challenges
Today we have prepared for you a visualization of analytics from market experts. Which VR headset is best for your needs?
Building the Hospital of the Future
Rapidly evolving technologies, along with demographic and economic changes, are expected to transform hospitals worldwide. Building the digital hospital of the future requires investments in people, technologies, processes, and premises.
Developing in partnership in 2020: how to effectively strengthen relations in the World of innovative technologies
Here, we’ll answer the hottest questions about partnerships with technology companies and talk about the NNTC partnership program in simple words. Everything you wanted to know but did not dare to ask.