The worlds’ first autonomous mobile face recognition with AR smart glasses. iFalcon Face Control Mobile brings face recognition capabilities anywhere, even without the network of CCTV cameras covering every inch of the city.

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Artificial Intelligence

NNTC completes custom projects for enterprise customers and solves unique tasks applying artificial intelligence where no out-of-the-shelf product can be applied.

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Extended reality

We digitize technological processes, plants, and entire industrial enterprises, create operational and maintenance training simulators in VR and AR, and integrate them with personnel training process.

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UAS integration

NNTC implements turnkey UAS integration projects to create Command Centers for drone operations

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Smart city IOT
Artificial Intelligence
Industrial safety
Video analytics

Our products

iFalcon™ Face Control Mobile

iFalcon™ Face Control Mobile is designed for law enforcement officers and security guards on patrol. The bodycam or smart glasses screen the crowd to match faces against a database of violators, missing people or suspects.

Drone show

With the help of a custom program on a proprietary software, drones will rise into the sky and perform a series of tricks: smoothly moving and glowing in the sky, drones form various figures, from simple geometry to complicated animations.


Improve navigation within a campus, shopping mall, inside a business center or a transport hub with a custom wayfinding mobile application.


High-tech enterprise bingo challenge
What are the odds that your enterprise is benefiting from all the innovative technologies? We invite you to complete the Bingo Challenge by NNTC and check how technologically savvy and lucky you are.
Time to become “AI Responsible”
We have recently accepted the idea of omnipresent AI adoption, but new changes and technology reshaping are already on the doorstep. Have you heard of the Responsible AI concept? Let's take a closer look at it, since it will soon become a mandatory tool to build business relationships.
  • August 19, 2020
    Online event | Police AI gadget of 21 century
  • August 01, 2020
    New partnership: NNTC and JAPAN AEROSPACE Corporation
  • July 28, 2020
    NNTC and CROC to boost industrial safety through new Digital Worker platform release


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