Dubai is a fast-growing city, with the government planning to invest some $7 billion in the municipal infrastructure in 2019. In the course of intensive preparations for 2020, Dubai faces an ever-increasing number of infrastructure projects. With high demand for accommodation and jobs in Dubai, both real estate developers and agencies are vigorously competing to win new clients. This post is about an innovative solution for real estate developers to improve their competitive edge.

Sometimes, we do not even realize how the tiniest details can be critical for the overall success. This is especially true for cutting-edge technology since many businesses still consider innovations as a hobby of geek scientists, while high-tech solutions ceased to be tycoons’ toys or science fiction very long ago. For example, a hologram table, an affordable and effective presentation tool, has been commercially available for three years already. 

What is a hologram table?

This is a table with a holographic panel displaying a precise 3D model of buildings or campuses. The technology users can interact with the content, get immersed into the design and focus on critical details: turn, zoom in or out, ‘take off’ the roof and look at floor and room layouts, see how future residents will park their cars in the underground parking lot, and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of their entire district.

Why not traditional mock-up?

WOW effect
Hologram table is a good way to achieve wow effect. It attracts many people and looks great compared to conventional mock-ups.

In 2016, our customer, a large real estate development company in GCC, was one of the first industry players to showcase their projects on a hologram table. During an industry trade show, visitors got immersed into augmented reality to scrutinize both interior and exterior of villas in a new elite district being still under design. Actually, the customer couldn’t get prepared for the trade show on time, but our international team of 3D developers helped it to meet the deadlines by completing the task within just two weeks.

The fastest always wins
Being fast is a key to success in a competitive battle. How to measure the speed when it comes to expos? Let’s take the number of projects showcased in a certain period as a reference, and you’ll see how a hologram table makes the difference. It can download several models in a few seconds and demonstrate a company’s entire portfolio by switching between different 3D models. 

Unlike traditional mock-ups, a 3D model is of interactive nature (a hologram table speeds up a consultation by up to 10-30 minutes). 3D models can show construction sites and their environment in a precise and realistic manner, while also integrating various scenarios to be played back. The model demonstrates all project aspects and provides the customer with a big comprehensive picture detailed down to a particular spare part laying on the table in the factory shop.

The solution can display designs of any scale, from a single facility to the entire district, making it possible to zoom in and out various structures and cover much more project details during the presentation. Unlike traditional mock-ups, a hologram table can accommodate both a building and entire city.

You are welcome to get a look at and feel for the technology in our NNTC office where we have already installed a hologram table and uploaded various designs provided by our vendor NettleBox.