Everyone at work is entitled to be provided with an environment where risks of health and safety are professionally controlled. Employers carry primary responsibility for safe and accident-free working sites. 

What are the key factors that have a direct impact on the number of accidents, people’s injuries, incurring unplanned costs and breaching projects’ timelines?

This list comprises but not limited to: 

  • Processes inefficiency 
  • Lack of visibility of specific areas in the processes and working sites 
  • Human factors
  • Inefficiency in security and safety guidelines
  • Employees performance 

NNTC’s Digital Worker is an IoT and video analytics-based platform that addresses these critical factors providing all required insights and allows to build a fully efficient, accident free industrial or construction site as well as eliminates breaches of projects’ scopes and timelines.

Here is why:

Learn how Digital Worker helps prevent workplace accidents and safety violations.