The New Year is coming! It is the time when people make plans and wishes, so we can’t resist the temptation to use our imagination and expert judgment to make a list of key innovation trends for the upcoming year. Our fellow writing experts and research centers hasten to share the dreams and realities of their experience. Studying them all inspired us to make our own list of favorites.


The trend derives from robotic process automation (RPA). Though it’s mainly about automation, things are slightly complicated as automated setup is also in the spotlight now. Hyperautomation encompasses machine learning (ML), packaged software, automation tools, and tries to understand how to automate and coordinate them. Though it’s not a full clear trend, it is expected to ‘automate automation’.


Experts believe this group of letters, or rather technologies behind it, is a wise choice to develop business. DARQ = distributed ledger technology + artificial intelligence + extended reality (AR/VR) + quantum computing. Whatever the business task, DARQ is the answer.


The name suggests that this trend is all about empirical exploration. Ever since technologies entered our lives, they have been influencing our cognition. The more we embraced innovations, the stronger was technology impact on our lives. At the dawn of the Digital Age we studied technologies, now they study us. Furthermore, the two-way road of human-technology relations is becoming a highway to a new digital world. According to Gartner, this combined shift in both perception and interaction models leads to the future multisensory and multimodal experience. In other words, the barrier between humans and machines is getting thin, diverse, and sensual.

Transparency and Traceability

Gartner predicts that by 2023 most large players (some 75%) will assign their privacy, behavior forensic, and customer trust tasks to artificial intelligence in order to avoid reputation and brand risk. Although artificial intelligence evolves quickly, people still worry what it may bring in the nearest future. So making AI algorithms more transparent and clear will become top priority along with combating fake news and AI power misuse.

Distributed Cloud

A distributed cloud allocates public cloud services to different data centers, while cloud provider stays solely responsible for cloud performance and quality of service. For what it’s worth, this trend moves us towards cloud computing.

Rapid advances in new technologies open up opportunities for us to learn, grow and evolve, but only time will tell which technologies will stay with us for good.