iFalcon Face Control revision 1.7 update


Falcon Face Control got an update! New features are added: simultaneous connection of multiple glasses to a portable server and monitoring mode, new Central Server roles and many more.


Simultaneous connection of multiple glasses to a portable server

Two pairs of glasses may be connected to a portable server that allows changing glasses during work.

Monitoring mode

A mode with additional information displayed in the glasses interface: number of detections and matches, portable server’s actual state. Can be used for demonstrations and portable server service support.

Link a user (a group of users) to Mobile Set (portable server and glasses)

All users created in the unified central database. Each user may be linked with specified mobile sets. This feature allows distributing mobile sets among subdivisions.

«Suspicious persons» report

A new report «Suspicious persons» based on auto-enrolled persons has been added to the central server.

Portable servers status page

New page on the Central server with information of portable server’s current state.

Available information: connection, current software versions, database, and person update information.

Location of portable server

New possibility to get information about the location of the portable server in case of alerts.


  • Improved performance and reliability for synchronization between portable and main server.

  • Additional languages support: Arabic, Turkish


  • Added warning about the license limit for person quantity

  • Encryption of Portable server data

  • Added possibility for displaying alerts on the Central server via 4G network (for the 4G-enabled kit)

  • Added GPS location in the portable server

  • Added Auto enroll for cameras

  • Some UI improvements


  • Fixed several minor bugs

Other news

NNTC participated in the UAE-Russian Business Forum

On February 18 -19 the company became a participant of the UAE-Russian Business Forum in Sharjah. The forum aims to enhance and strengthen ties of trade, economic and investment cooperation between UAE, in general, and Sharjah, in particular, and Russian Federation.


NNTC's VR workshop "Immersive training in VR"

On February 9th we held an Immersive Workshop on Virtual Reality Training in partnership with RUSIT