On January 30th, during Arab Health 2019, NNTC has signed MOU agreement with “Third Opinion”, medical neural network that solves diagnostic tasks using artificial intelligence.

“Third Opinion” is an artificial intelligence software that helps to monitor, identify and prevent diseases in the early stages. Neural networks detect pathological cells in the analysis of blood and bone marrow, detect nosologies in images of the “fundus”, analyze chest X-ray, mammography, CT/MRI, mobile ultrasound and identify specific symptoms.

“We are grateful to the company NNTC and Dmitry Doshaniy for the fact that today we have the opportunity to begin cooperation in the region. We think that the expertise of NNTC and the experience of working with local customers will help us overcome the barriers to the initial entry of the “Third Opinion” product to this market,” – Anna Mescheryakova, “Third Opinion” Director.

“I’m happy to partner with “Third Opinion”. We focus on bringing innovations to the GCC region and especially to the UAE. We see high demand in artificial intelligence in such important area as human health,” – Dmitry Doshaniy, NNTC General Manager.