On February 26-28, Abu Dhabi hosted a summit dedicated to solutions for oil-and-gas companies and attended by prominent industry professionals. Summit attendees discussed industrial safety problems and digitalization of industrial enterprises.

Human errors (due to poor skills, untimely equipment check or safety violations) cause up to 30-50% of unplanned downtime and jeopardize employee life and health. Due to the importance of this problem, NNTC experts focused on solutions to ensure safety and improve employee skills.

Digital Enterprise is a complete 3D digital twin of an enterprise, capable of demonstrating technological and production processes. This model can be linked to enterprise technical and economic parameters, thus becoming a unique asset management tool. The digital model driven apps streamline production process training and onboarding for new employees. 

NNTC booth visitors could try a VR solution for emergency drills. Immersive trainings in a computer-simulated environment help convey the most precise and realistic experience to trainees.

As an industrial safety solution, NNTC presented a face recognition technology, which helps track personnel movement, monitor and register their presence on / absence from workplaces, count visitors, and prevent unauthorized people from entering prohibited areas.

“Many managers believe VR technology to be a powerful tool and try implementing it at their enterprises. At our booth, guests repeatedly stressed the importance of people safety at production facilities. NNTC plans to continue expansion in this market and cooperation with target customers. In addition, we would like to thank ME-TECH 2019 organizers for their efforts in conducting the event and ensuring visitor activity at booths,” said Alexander Belyaev, Technical Director, NNTC.