Smart attendance solution based on video analytics and designed for visitor convenience

Visitor Management powered by video analytics and navigation technologies simplifies and speeds up guest passing procedure, while sparing from queues at reception desk, secures perimeter, and enables contactless and barely noticeable employee time & attendance control.

More effective
No more queues or long waiting for the pass prevents guests from being late to meetings
You always know how many guests are on your territory, where they are and who accompanies them
No stress for employees and guests thanks to unobtrusive control

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Visitor Management

It is much easier to manage a large flow of visitors with Smart Visitor Management system, designed to suite your guests' convenience and secure your premises, whether it is a multi-story building or a large campus.

  • Automated passing procedure and issue of guest passes
  • No more queues at the reception
  • Managed guest flows on the territory and visiting time
  • Smart alert system
  • Data collection based on video analytics and Business Intelligence


The automated guest passing procedure is a time saver for your employees, for they can order a pass using a web-form or a chatbot. There is no longer a need to call reception or stand in line for a guest pass. If a guest pass is about to expire, you can extend it by sending a notification on required time.


For added convenience, during their first visit guests can register in a kiosk, a self-service terminal that verifies guest identity, scans passport (if required) and issues a pass. At the next visit, this person will automatically receive a QR code for access. Built-in video analytics and facial recognition engine identify guests by checking them against the database of registered visitors. Visitor Management powered by video analytics can be integrated directly with access control systems and navigation software, and grant access to specified locations. You can forget about ID cards and guest passes which can be lost or used by unauthorized people.


The system tracks visitors and displays their location on an interactive 3D-map of the office, controls the length of their stay, notifies when it's time to leave, and warns if the area is restricted.


The system sends a wide range of notifications depending on the scenario:

  • Guest arrived
  • Pass is expiring
  • Pass expired
  • Guest is about to enter restricted area
  • Guest entered restricted area
  • Guest forgot a card

Your guests are also notified about the pass validity and meeting location.


Guests arriving by car automatically get access to the parking lot. As the guest car approaches the parking entrance, its plate number is recognized and compared with the car database. At the same time, the driver’s face is recognized, and the system runs a match check between the guest and its car. If the pass is requested in advance, the car will be allowed to the parking lot immediately.

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Attendance Control

Create a friendly environment for your employees with invisible and contactless attendance control system based on video analytics and AI.

  • High accuracy of check-in/out
  • Check-in/out (face recognition) in less than a second
  • Unobtrusive control over employee time & attendance
  • Dress code control


The system allows for tracking employee attendance and time. Video analytics records employees' movements within the premises and detects if a pass card is handed over to another employee to forge attendance.


Prevent any malicious use of someone else's card (stolen or lost) by unauthorized persons. Two-factor verification of the card holder's face image stored in the database will stop intruders from taking advantage of cards of your employees or guests.


Attendance Control recognizes whether an employee is in compliance with the dress code, if your company's dress code policy requires employees to wear uniform or protective gear.


Evaluate the quality of services provided by your organization with Video Analytics add-on module of Emotion Recognition. Video Analytics based on machine vision and AI distinguishes five basic emotions: happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust. The system detects emotion on your customers/guests faces and gives you a deeper understanding of how your clients are satisfied with the customer service and their overall experience of visiting your office.


You can get detailed reports of employee attendance and movement.

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<1 sec
Enter in less than one second (through turnstiles, revolving doors, etc.) / Pass access control in less than one second
150,000 employees
Database capacity up to 150,000 employees and visitors
<30 seconds
Verification and pass issue in kiosk within 30 seconds
Optional use of existing CCTV
Machine vision
Visitor route history based on machine vision (Bluetooth tracking technology as an option)


Video analytics + cards Video analytics
First visit registration Kiosk Remote
Visitor verification; issue and return of passes Kiosk Kiosk
Type of pass Guest pass (Bluetooth optionally) Face biometry
Access to rooms, buildings and facilities Access control by guest pass Face biometrytd>
Tracking visitor location Bluetooth beacons Video analytics
Attendance control ID card + face biometry Face biometry

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