The customer employed an AR app to present an expo venue and key exhibitions of one of the largest festivals in Saudi Arabia. The AR-powered interactive presentation of the festival exhibits was an epic win with wow effect helping the customer drastically improve visitor involvement through a new artwork perception experience. The project was completed on an extremely tight two-week schedule, including the search for presentation designs and AR tag development. The app was based on customer-provided rendered 3D objects, CAD drawings, videos of building and exhibits. In addition, a special AR tag was designed to invoke the venue model. To run the AR app, users pointed the smartphone camera on a special tag and thus got access to a 3D model of the expo venue supported by interesting facts about the festival. Users could interact with exhibits in the augmented reality and even see the exhibits right on the table.

  • Customer: Creativity Festival
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: VR&AR

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