Bidding automation at large oil company

One of the largest oil companies needed a high-tech solution to streamline its procurement department’s interaction with bidders and contractors. The key objective was to ensure maximum security of communications: no cloud use but on-premise deployment only based on the customer’s computing capacity, and no remote access for either manufacturer or integrator.

Since none of the standard solutions in the market met its business needs, the customer finally got a unique information exchange and management system with a differentiated data access for users and user groups. The system can also track both changes and data even after downloading.

The security is powered by a number of technologies, including protected view, dynamic watermarking, detailed access system, two-factor authentication, and antivirus software. Additionally, 256-bit data encryption and 2048-bit keys are used during data transfer and storage. 
The project was completed under an extremely tight deadline. All phases, from requirements formalization and software improvements to installation and staff training, took less than a month. 

Business value:
— Secure data exchange and automated bidding processes
— Full compliance with local legislation
— High-speed and fault-tolerant system (no maintenance downtime)
— Detailed reports for business users, accountants, IT and procurement teams 

  • Customer: Oil Company
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: Digital Transformation

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