VR Training Tool For Industrial Equipment

As a part of its newly opened corporate VR Center, the customer requested development of a training tool that helps demonstrate technical processes of specialized equipment and its working principles. It took NNTC 1,5 months to model 5 pieces of complex equipment and environment, animate equipment and operations, develop UX / UI, functionality and design an application for HTC Vive pro visualization system. A number of operations for each equipment has been visualized. The company employees can operate equipment and observe how changes in pressure, temperature and specific manipulations affect operation behavior. There is also an X-Ray option to see the insides of the equipment, automatic and manual disassembly. Thanks to screen synchronized with HTC vive kit, multiple spectators can watch an expert do the exercise and then repeat it themselves.

  • Customer: Petroleum and gas company
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: VR&AR

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