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An IoT platform for industrial safety developed by NNTC aggregates data coming from any video analytics and local positioning, industrial and wearable IoT, access control and management, 

SCADA, and other systems. The platform can show what is happening either throughout the territory/building (including in its 3D model) or in a particular hall/shop. It processes 

information from all sources, detects threats, alerts a command center operator, and offers response options. 

The proprietary platform significantly reduces production and occupational risks by tracking the employee health and movements, thus ensuring their safety and better working conditions.


  • Interactive 3D map showing on which ground/floor an employee is right now and where exactly
  • Control over the wearing of personal protective equipment
  • Detection of PPE hand-over/removal
  • Alerting employee/operator to entering dangerous area
  • Detection of people falling, entering danger zones without PPE, entering prohibited zones
  • Monitoring of physical activity, non-motility, sleeping
  • Alerting operator of the situation center
  • Event log

Control over the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Video analytics and related IoT solutions make it possible to track whether employees wear their personal protective equipment, by software-enabled monitoring of live video stream from cameras. Once the system detects a violation, like absence of goggles, it sends an alert describing the violation, its time and place. In line with the IoT paradigm, Bluetooth beacons are attached to personal protective equipment, and any signal damping indicates that a person has forgotten to take a gas mask or hard hat.