Given digital economy change rate, leaders are playing even more prominent role than ever before. In addition to management and soft skills, a leader must have a digital vision and relevant knowledge, skills and tools to adequately address challenges of the modern world. This NNTC program covers all digital leader development vectors from being aware of technology trends to creating personal efficiency plans.

Duration: 1 - 3 days


  • Key technology trends and their impact on industries, organizations, and careers

  • Resources for building careers and managing teams and organizations in a digital era

  • Develop unique management skills

  • Manage innovations

  • Foster trust and openness culture

  • Manage distributed teams

  • Negotiate and collaborate in a digital era

  • Manage conflicts

  • Leadership in change management

  • How to get things done (execute) and innovate (experiment) at the same time

  • Develop a personal leadership improvement plan

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Educate your developers in building secure banking applications, effectively discover ATM vulnerabilities, and respond to cyber threats.


NNTC developed a comprehensive program featuring a set of hands-on tools helping to understand and build your own digital transformation strategy.