Future of Facial Recognition in the UAE
"The UAE Cabinet has announced a decision to allow use of facial recognition in certain sectors", and this is big news for technology locally and globally. Where do we go and what's coming? Dmitry Doshaniy, NNTC General Manager, shares his predictions and perspective on this exciting news in an interview below.
4IR. How to exploit the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The majority of business leaders (63%) surveyed by PwC claimed that technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) provide protection against an economic downturn. But how to find your way around this strange and seemingly unmanageable concept? Be brave, and I’ll show you a way in this blog!
Technology boost for oil & gas
Falling demand and COVID-19 restrictions challenged the world economy in 2020, with the oil and gas industry being no exception. Expectations from 2021 are divided and it's a tie score, generally speaking, as the tables can turn overnight. With this in mind, leading global oil and gas companies rather enthusiastically invest in technologies enabling faster response to fluctuant market and geopolitical situation.
How to survive in 2021: Three progressive trends improving new reality
Solutions contributing to office and public spaces safety in its widest sense are as trendy as ever, whether it's a contactless access control system or recurrent HVAC maintenance. Considering this, let's take a closer look at three popular concepts that have survived the past year to continue in 2021.
Personalized customer experience
What is a personalized customer experience and how to improve it?