Case: Lockdown-driven Innovations for remote work control
Many employees chose to work remotely after the lockdown ended. While saving more corporate resources and embracing more flexible recruitment make a forward-thinking manager happy, the problem of remote work management is still in the way. How to avoid financial losses by quickly identifying slackers in the ranks? How to measure remote work performance? How …
NNTC Contactless solutions for safer and smarter enterprise
As the world is exiting the global pandemic crisis, technology providers have managed to demonstrate that the right solution is what it takes to work efficiently in a geo agnostic world. As much as a crisis-driven shift it has been, it accelerated most of the organizations to promptly adopt advantages of digitization. The obvious success …
How stores can get the most from innovative technologies by using drones at warehouses and robots in shopping areas
How to create a prototype of a drone that can fly across a warehouse and take stock of products, including expensive items that dishonest employees often steal? Let’s look into the future of robots and drones in retail and create our own prototype.
#RemoteWork Hacks: embrace home office vibes in and out
The entire world hurried to minimize personal contacts in business and everyday life like mad, for the you-know-why amid you-know-what. Some companies entered sleep mode to wait for this whole thing out and hope for the better. Others have successfully switched from office to remote work and continue developing. It looks like remote work and …
Drones are modestly sized unmanned aerial vehicles making headline news and buzzing around. They are featured in spy action movies and video games playing the role of enemy technology or helping a protagonist to outplay enemies. Either way, this stunning fictional representation lures our minds into a trap of “the drone illusion”. To pierce this …