No more classrooms! VR for trainings and education
Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of companies will experiment with immersive training, and 25% will deploy it in production. Are you one of those 25% quick thinkers?
How to win and retain customers after the Pandemic?
How technologies can help save customers after COVID-19? The business faces a real challenge to respond to changes as soon as possible by listening to consumers and meeting their new expectations of comfort, security, and service.
Now I see you! How polarization helps detect oil spills
“You have to think like an oil spill to trace one”. But we do it using a down-to-earth and physics-based approach instead. A polarization camera - the only camera that has an eye for any chemical compounds on the water surface. Polarized light varies depending on the surface material reflecting it, especially when it comes to oil and diesel leaks. Article by Pavel Tatarintsev, NNTC R&D Head.
Big Data for sustainable museum development: an expert opinion
For a long time, data analysis has been widely adopted in the enterprise market to solve a variety of marketing and sales tasks. Nowadays, this common e-commerce tool is penetrating new areas, such as culture and art. Article by Elena Volkovskaya, Chief Strategic Marketing Officer at IT company CROC and the head of CROC MarTech Lab business unit.
Ahoy, Sailor: How innovative technologies keep ports safe
Slicing through waves a jumbo ship is moving ahead full sail to the dock. People can't take the eyes off of the ship waiting for the next captain's move with bated breath. Is he a newbie? Did something go wrong? Are we looking at the reason for today's overtime?