How to sell products in a world where most people protect themselves against excessive information? Hologram table is the answer.

Have you ever heard of clip thinking? It is a wonderful ability of our brain to catch the most important, bright, and valuable information from the boundless ocean of data surrounding us. Fortunately, most modern people have exactly this type of thinking. We are good at memorizing new and unusual patterns, while monotonous information is not retained for long.

How to prove that your offer is something that deserves to be retained in other people’s memory? The solution does exist. I’m telling you about virtual and augmented reality — innovative technologies, which involve customers in the demonstration process and make them active participants.

Hologram table for real estate companies

Any sales manager knows about the “wow-effect” but few have ever seen how it works. It is difficult to surprise customers now since they are educated, knowledgeable and familiar with the newest products.

However, there are innovative solutions that entered the market not long ago and haven’t become trite yet, such as hologram tables showcasing detailed 3D models of buildings or entire residential clusters. Interactive 3D models can help increase the potential of any building presentation and attract your audience during exhibition or client meetings.

This technology helps focus on detail: rotate, zoom in or out, ‘take off’ the roof and look at floor and room layouts, see how future residents will park their cars in the underground parking lot, and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of their entire district!

Why do clients enjoy presentations with hologram table?

Unlike traditional mock-ups, a hologram table speeds up a consultation by up to 10-30 minutes and gets 89.3% of positive reviews after the demonstration! We at NNTC can understand people who are lining up to try hologram table during exhibitions: we show presentations and videos a lot, but nothing compares to real experience when you walk around the hologram table and see a 3D building rotating with you.

While moving around the table, the patented system of high-speed cameras tracks the position of the user and renders the image to give a 3D view of the building from the right angle. This is a new customer experience, it provides a realistic view for people that have no time to go on-site, and, finally, it’s cheaper: you have one hologram table as a device with an unlimited number of models that can be installed. You can upload your own catalog of different objects: from a small house to a big five-star hotel.

The solution can display designs of any scale, from a single facility to the entire district, making it possible to zoom in and out various structures and cover much more project details during the presentation.

Are you interested in this solution? Contact us and we will share additional details!

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