How does your FMCG business feel in this game-changing 2021? Have you experienced tougher competition and more complex customer requests or, on the contrary, your business skyrocketed to the top of the world?

FMCG companies that implement digital transformation practices in their businesses have fewer losses during 2021. We studied multiple FMCG market researches along with our trusted partners to bring a special selection of innovative solutions to help you catch up on lost profits and strengthen your position in the market.

Drone-as-a-service for warehouse inventory

This solution is designed to save both time and money, if you face an unscheduled warehouse inventory. A skilled pilot arrives at your site with his own drone. Drone uses a 2D scanner to capture information from pallet barcodes at any height. It’s as simple as that: one drone can deal with 10,000 pallets in an hour, ensuring almost 100% recognition accuracy! No more time wasted, as you will no longer need to order additional equipment, reschedule warehouse shifts and make your employees work during weekends.

Shelf management automation for FMCG business

This solution is easy to implement but yet highly effective. It’s a useful tool for your employees to manage store performance. Ailet analyses shelf photos taken by a store clerk and detects different errors: incorrect price tags, misplaced products and other factors that reduce store profits. You can boost your team’s performance and get OSA +7%.

Strengthen supply chains

We also offer a powerful solution for supply chain planning and optimization. (By the way, it is based on the award-winning algorithm that topped the Google forecasting contest!) The software improves forecast accuracy by 25%, optimizes inventory turnover by 9%, and reduces operating costs. Being user-friendly, it can be easily integrated into any supply chain management process in the FMCG business.

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