Effective Communication Makes for Better Sales

Customer: Danfoss
Year: 2016-2017

How to boost sales and improve the quality of negotiations? How to increase team performance? Can a seller become best friends with a customer? Danfoss can now answer all these questions thanks to a series of trainings delivered by NNTC for its Dubai employees.

About the customer

Danfoss is a large concern, a leading vendor of energy-efficient equipment for B2B sector, with offices in more than 100 countries and a headcount of some 26,000 employees. That is why the company is constantly training and developing the expertise of its specialists.

Goals and objectives

Danfoss is a project organization, which efficiency largely relies on the quality of communications both within and outside the company.

The customer asked NNTC to prepare and conduct a series of trainings to make team communications, negotiations, and feedback handling more productive. The trainings were delivered to the company's multinational Dubai office, including team and group leaders.

What was done

NNTC developed a customized training course with due account of competences and skills of students. To practice soft skills, the program involved role plays, quests, and simulation of various work scenarios.

For example, during one of the practical exercises students were divided into groups of three, with each group member being assigned a specific role: trainer, trainee, and supervisor. The exercise was performed in several rounds according to unique, development-focused scenarios and behavior pattern descriptions. Each participant should play all three roles in turns.

Another exercise was a simulation where students had to solve a real-life task in several stages as one team. To train feedback skills, students were divided into pairs to practice how to ask questions and listen to answers.


Upon completion of a series of trainings, employees of Danfoss' Dubai office were able to look at the interaction between project team members from a new perspective and learned how to flexibly respond to external factors.

Active exercises allowed the employees to practice productive coaching, communication, and teamwork skills. Group leaders noted that the trainings enhanced the confidence and trust among group members and each employee's involvement. The employees can now effectively leverage new knowledge and skills in real-life cases.

"To be successful, a leader should be able to coordinate and steer the team to a triumph while taking into account personal interests of each project participant. Thanks to this interactive training, we learnt how to overcome communication barriers and achieve incredible results," - said Levent Taşkın, Regional President of Turkey, Middle East & Africa, Danfoss.